Barrio Santo Brand

  • I’ve seen this brand before, but with a different concept. What’s up with that?
    Barrio Santo was reborn in 2020, but we’ve been here for a while. The brand was launched in 2010 and although we stood for a different cause, we carry the same core values as before. We’ve been learning and evolving to become what we believe the world needs us to be. While we used to stand for nonconformity on a social level, right now we’re more concerned with sustainability.
  • Why the name Barrio Santo?
    The name Barrio Santo is an homage to the city that gave birth to our brand: Barcelona.
  • Where are you located?
    We’re located in the North of Portugal and we’re proudly part of the Tetribérica Group. You can find us sharing working spaces with our friends from other sustainable brands, such as Acushla.

Sustainability & Manufacturing

  • Where are your products manufactured?
    All our products are locally and ethically manufactured at Tetribérica S.A. Click the link to find our quality certifications.
  • Where are your materials sourced?
    All the materials used in our products are locally sourced in an effort to empower the local industry and reduce our ecological footprint. You’ll also be happy to know that all our suppliers have quality certifications that guarantee ethical and sustainable practices. You can find more information here.
  • Are your products 100% environmentally friendly?
    We put great effort into making our products as sustainable as possible. We’ve met our goal with some (most) of our products and we’re proud to say they’re made with recycled materials, recyclable, or organic. However, a few of our products still have a small percentage of elastane, which isn’t environmentally friendly. We’re working really hard to overcome this.
  • What are all those symbols I keep seeing next to your products?
    We’ve built our symbol system to help you understand the main features of each product so you can make more conscious choices. Find the meaning for each symbol here.

Fit & Sizing

  • How do I find my right size?
    You can find a size guide attached to every product. All our products are true to size: you can trust our measurements. If you’re between sizes, choose the biggest one for a more comfortable fit.
  • I ordered something and now it doesn’t fit.
    If there was a mistake and the chosen size doesn’t fit you well, don’t worry, we can exchange your product. Please refer to the Returns & Exchanges section or contact us directly.

Orders & Shipping

Exchanges & Returns


On our way to 0 impact

The world is what we make of it.
We want to make it sustainable.
We want to accomplish that with you. 

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RETHINK your choices, your actions, and its consequences. RESTART as a more aware and conscious human being. LIVE the best life you can live.


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