Our Story

Barrio Santo

When our CEO, Joaquim Moreira, was introduced to Barrio Santo’s designers and co-creators, he saw an opportunity. A chance to make the change he’d been trying to make for a while. In 2010, Barrio Santo was born as a street fashion brand with important things to say—and that didn't mind being loud about them.
The brand has since taken different forms, always standing by one core value: never conform.
10 years have passed and things have changed. We live in a world that was running at full speed and was suddenly forced to stop, reminding us that our planet needs change. People need change. And so Barrio Santo changed and was reborn as something different.
We aim to create products that are better for the world. We want to help minimize the impact the fashion industry has on our planet.
Barrio Santo is made for those who value quality products that fit well, look good and feel amazing on the hands and on the body.
We come bearing a new message. We’re urging you to join us on this path. To stop and rethink your actions. Restart as someone who’s more aware. And Live your best life.

Tetribérica Group

Barrio Santo is part of the Tetribérica Group, which comprises Tetribérica, Acushla and Qualitylab.
Tetribérica is the textile manufacturing company where Barrio Santo is produced. Throughout its supply-chain, Tetribérica is working hard towards a more sustainable production. Around 75% of the materials used for our clients are sustainable and 35% of the energy we use is renewable.
Also integrated in the textile sector is Qualitylab - an accredited analysis laboratory dedicated to testing and analyzing textile materials. Its mission is to validate and ensure the quality of its clients’ products.
In a different business area, we have Acushla, an agricultural project with strong environmentalist roots, dedicated to making organic extra virgin olive oil through sustainable farming practices only. Throughout the year, an average of 50% of energy used in the farm is renewable.
The entire group is putting great effort into becoming more and more environmentally friendly by reforming working methods and following the best practices in sustainability - and questioning every decision we make: can we do better?
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