Barrio Santo - A sustainable activewear brand


Every Barrio Santo piece is 100% made in Portugal from beginning to end.
Before any kind of manufacturing begins, the collection is designed in-house by a multidisciplinary team of fashion designers based on extensive market and industry research.
We develop our organic fabrics with a few select Portuguese suppliers. All of our suppliers are GOTS certified and meet a set of sustainability requirements.
Dyeing, printing and other finishing processes are also handled by Portuguese suppliers that are also working on reducing their footprint – we give a special shoutout to out dyeing supplier, typically a highly pollutant sector, that was certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
The garments are manufactured at Tetribérica, our parent company, located in the north of Portugal. We’re staffed with 48 very talented employees.
We also made sure that the packaging that arrives at your house has little to no impact on the environment – our hangtags are made with recycled paper; the cardboard box is also recycled; the bags that protect your cool Barrio Santo order are 100% compostable… We could go on.
Finally, all our pieces are named after the key employees that helped develop and produce the collection and who contribute to the growth of Barrio Santo’s concept.

A big thank you to all our suppliers, that helped this collection come to life:
- Brito & Miranda, S.A;
- NGS-malhas;
- Tintojal;
- LMA - Leandro Manuel Araújo, S.A.;
- Smart inovation;
- Indet Portugal;
- Ribaembale;
- Plasbritos LDA;
- Passa Mensagem Artes Gráficas Unipessoal Lda.

Organic materials

On our way to 0 impact

We make it a point to work only with organic, recycled, recyclable or compostable materials. From the packaging we use to send products to your house, to the clothes we put so much love into making, to the carefully made interior and exterior labels: all materials used are sustainable.
This collection includes a few different sustainable materials:
Women’s collection:
33.09% Organic cotton                                        
31.59% Recycled polyester                      
15.73% Recycled polyamide 
13% Lenzing modal                  
6.59% Elastane – the exception to the rule. We will work to make this disappear in the next collections.          
Men’s collection:
33.55% Organic cotton
26.55% Recycled polyester
17.33% Lenzing modal
13.24% Recycled polyamide 
4.45% Tencel (Lenzing’s Lyocell)
4.88% Elastane – the exception to the rule. We will work to make this disappear in the next collections.
As seen above, there’s still a small percentage of non-recyclable polyester in some of our products. This represents about 3.82% of all materials used in our garments, packaging and communication.
We’re working really hard to get rid of it and will let you know when it happens.

The Barrio Santo collection is manufactured by our parent company: Tetribérica. You can look into all certifications acquired by Tetribérica here.
ISO 9001:2015

Barrio Santo’s symbol system

We advocate more conscious purchases, which is why we came up with a symbol system to make it easy for you to understand what you’re buying.

You can find these symbols next to all our products.

Soft Touch
Recycled Materials
Produced Locally
Certified Organic Fibers
Technical Materials
Antimicrobial Material
UV Protection
Organic Materials
Breathable Materials
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